Review: The Holy Spirit – Sinclair Ferguson

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Simply magnificent. Sinclair Ferguson is, in my estimation, the greatest living theologian. His explanation of the Christian teaching about the Holy Spirit is balanced, scholarly, and thoroughly edifying.

As his focus, Ferguson considers the Person of the Spirit and then His distinct work (and, indeed, the work He accomplishes together with the Father and the Son).

Broadly, the book can be split into two main sections: how God the Holy Spirit is revealed in Scripture, and how the Holy Spirit of the Scriptures communes with us, the bride of Christ.

Of particular highlight in an all – over superb work, was his thorough deconstruction of the modern charismatic movement (while, at no point, being uncharitable) – showing how well – meaning, and otherwise orthodox folk, make serious category errors in their approach to multi – levelled prophecies.

Another highlight was Ferguson showing the Spirit’s role in Christ’s ministry on Earth: specifically, how the miracles and supernatural events of Christ’s ministry cannot simply be attributed to the fact that He had a Divine nature, as such formulations tend to deify the human nature of Christ, making Him into a pseudo – human, pseudo – divine being with one mixed nature. Rather, Ferguson argues that supernatural, insightful knowledge was imparted by the Spirit of Christ.

The book stands as a work of great honour to the Holy Spirit, written with great clarity in a time where the subject of God the Holy Spirit is in great confusion.